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What should I do if I’m involved in an automobile accident?

Many people panic when they are in an auto accident. They worry how it will affect their insurance rates and other matters. Sometimes, panic causes people to say things they will later regret and to overlook information that would be helpful if a dispute arises regarding the accident. 

  • Here are steps to follow if you are in a car accident. They can reduce the hassles and increase your chances of receiving fair compensation for your injuries.
  • Call an ambulance for anyone seriously hurt.
  • Write down the name, address, phone and driver’s license numbers, and insurance company of the other driver and the other car’s owner (if the other driver does not own the car).
  • Write down the names, addresses and phone numbers of all witnesses, including passengers in the other car.
  • Write down the other car’s make, model, year and license number.
  • Make a diagram of the accident. Show the positions of both cars before, during and after the accident. If possible, measure skid marks, and show them on the diagram. Be sure your diagram shows traffic signals, stop signs, and crosswalks.
  • Make notes on weather conditions, road conditions, the location of the accident, and the time that it occurred.
  • Do not admit responsibility. Things you say can be used against you later and can affect the outcome of your claim. Call us before you take any blame for the accident. You may think you caused the accident and then learn that the other driver was more at fault.

If a dispute arises regarding the accident, or if you have any questions about your right to make a claim for your personal injuries or property damage, call us. Procedures for obtaining compensation are complex. Call as soon after the accident as possible, as the time right after the accident can be crucial in making your claim.

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